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27 Manchu and Ch'ing Chinese  1601AD-1700AD

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Manchu and Ch'ing Chinese 1601 AD-1700 AD (I/27)


Proposed by Jim Webster




Where compulsory infantry numbers are given, add to the number an * with the comment, "only if any infantry are used"



Chinese Spearmen and Swordsmen - Bd (I) @4AP or Hd (O) @ 1AP 4-12*

Chinese Archers - Bw (I) @ 3AP or Sk (I) @ 2AP 4-12*


*Only if any infantry are used.





Emperor of China, Self portrait of K'ang-hsi by Jonathan Spence.


K'ang-hsi in his memorials stated that his troops pursuing the 'Rebel' Galdan first

left behind their infantry and then their cannon advancing with an entirely

mounted army.


Numbers of mounted appear to have been respectable, in 1696 with "10,790

troops in the western army, and 8,130 in the centre- with four horses, one

servant, eighty days' basic rations and an extra two pects of rice per month

for each active combat soldier (with the exception of the gunners, two of

whom could share one servant)"

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