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Communal Italian

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Communal Italian (III/72)


Add Pisan siege-towers



Add under the existing "Only after 1150 AD" heading:


Siege-towers - Reg WWg (S) 0-3




Siege towers were used in the field at the battle of Motrone in 1170 AD, by the Pisans against the Lucchese. The Pisans were besieging Motrone at the time, and apparently repelled the relief army of Lucca by including "in prima acie fuerunt pedites omnes et sagittarii et milites octingeni, et sex castella lignea fortissima..."; that is, six strong wooden castles in their front line, presumably siege-towers re-positioned to oppose the relieving army. Motrone consequently fell to the Pisans.


DBMM states that WWg elements represent about 20 wagons. However this clearly cannot apply to WWG(S) siege-towers; there was only one Trojan Horse, and Demetrios didn't field 25 helepoleis at Rhodes. One element per two actual siege-towers seems not unreasonable in this case, though there's obviously a case for 1:1.


The original source is Bernard Maragone's Annales Pisani; see Luke

Ueda-Sarson's account on http://www.ne.jp/asahi/luke/ueda-sarson/CommunalWWgS.html - the information coming originally courtesy of Brendan Moyle.

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