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DBMM 100 Armies

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The army of Synesius. Late Imperial Roman. The Pentapolis. 400AD-412AD

Scale. 1 base = 125


Proposer Jim Webster


Warm, Ag 0, WW (the sea) H(S), H(G), O, V, E, RGo, Rd, BUA


General Reg Cv(O), Reg Ax(O) 1

Subgenerals Cv(O), Reg Ax(O) 0-2

Laeti, drilled peasants, estate guards or city militia Irr Ax(I) 8-24

Newly raised levies Irr Hd(O) 0-6

Border/Pseudocomitatensis Infantry Reg Ax(O) 0-6

Archers Reg Bw(O) 2-4

Upgrade archers to Reg Cav(O) or Reg LH(F) all or none

Equites Reg Cv(O) 1-4

Equites Illyricani Reg LH(O) 0-4


Asusamas and Dioestae Allies

Allied General Irr Cv(O), Irr LH(O), Irr Ax(O) 0-1 *

Libyan Horse Irr LH(O) 0-2

Libyan Infantry Irr Ax(I) 12-24

Upgrade Libyan infantry to Irr Ps(I) 0-12


After 405

Replace one subgeneral with Deacon, the valiant Faustus Irr Hd(S) 0-1 ***


After 410

Unnigardae Reg LH(S) 1

Upgrade Unnigardae to Subgeneral 0-1


  • Compulsory if more than 12 elements of Libyans are used


    • Compulsory only if any Libyans are used.


      • Faustus can only command Laeti, drilled peasants, estate guards or city militia or the Newly raised levies

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