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Tabulae Novae Exercituum



A resource for the development of army lists for use with the ancient,

mediaeval and renaissance wargame rules; principally DBM, DBMM, and DBR,

but also other rule-systems. Generic list proposals intended for use

with multiple systems may also be presented.






Interested in making a contribution to this site? Start by joining the Tabulae Novae Exercituum discussion list – http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Tabulae_Novae_Exercituum/ - where army list proposals are put forward and debated.



This is an 'unofficial' DBM/DBMM/DBR site. It does not represent the views of the authors of those rules, nor of any of

the rules systems discussed.


You will need copies of the relevant army-list books to incorporate the proposals below.


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