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Italian Ostrogothic

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 12 months ago

Italian Ostrogothic (III/3)


An ambiguity about dismounting


Proposer: Rob Brennan



In the notes to the published DBM list III/3, it states:


"Gothic cavalry can always dismount... if the CnC does so."


This is presumably inspired by the Goths dismounting at Mons

Lactarius, with King Teias fighting in the front ranks. Are there

any other cases? It raises a couple of issues for players:


- Can Gothic cavalry in an allied command dismount if their ally-general

does so?

- Can a Gothic CnC who has dismounted re-mount if there are any other

Gothic Kn currently dismounted?


Suggested change:

Revise the list note to say:


"Gothic cavalry can always dismount... if the CnC, or if in an allied

contingent their ally-general, does so."


Alternatively the Early Lombard list (III/2) allows Kn to dismount “if their

general does so”. This might be a prefereable alternative for the Ostrogothic

list as well.

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