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Useful Links


DBM Links


The official DBM home page: http://www.byzant.demon.co.uk/dbm.htm


The DBMlist discussion group: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/dbmlist/


DBMM Links


Rules author Phil Barker's home page: http://www.phil-barker.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/


A DBMM page set up by Geoff Pearson: http://www.maws.org.uk/dbmm/index.html



The DBMMlist discussion group: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/DBMMlist/


DBM Army Lists elsewhere on the Web


The Tabulae Novae Exercituum discussion list – the list associated with this Wiki: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Tabulae_Novae_Exercituum/


Official errata to the version 2 DBM army lists: http://www.byzant.demon.co.uk/errata2.htm


Luke Ueda-Sarson's Alternative DBM Army Lists: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/luke/ueda-sarson/AlternativeDBMLists.html


Chris Cornuelle's alternative Sassanian Persian list: http://www.xmission.com/~bob/DBMlist4Sasanians.html


Richard Young's African DBM lists: http://www.geocities.com/youngrla/africanempires.html


Other links of interest


The Society of Ancients home page: http://www.soa.org.uk/


The Ancmed discussion list: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancmed/

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