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Maccabean Jewish

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II/43 Maccabean Jewish 168BC - 104BC

Proposer: Jim Webster


Synopsis: This proposal allows for other interpretations of the 'War Scroll'



To the line:

Foot of the phalanx - Reg Ax(S) *12-36



Foot of the phalanx - All Reg Ax(S)or All Reg Sp(O) *12-36

Javelinmen of the phalanx Reg Ps(S) **3-6


    • only if Foot of the phalanx are Reg Sp(O)


The evidence for this is from the three translations of the War scroll:


- The scriptures of the Dead Sea Sect in English translation Theodor H Gaster 1957

- The complete dead sea scrolls in English. Geza Vermes revised 2003 (Penguin Classics)

- The Dead Sea Scrolls By Michael Wize, Martin Abegg Jr and Edward Cook. Revised 2005


There is no mention of the 'heavy infantry' having throwing weapons it is possible to read the scroll to mean that the javelinmen were a separate, but smaller, group of infantry.


See also Luke Ueda-Sarson's alternative DBM list at http://www.ne.jp/asahi/luke/ueda-sarson/MaccabeanDBMlist.html

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