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Republican Indian

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Republican Indian II/1


See also Ancient Indian archers


1/ Republican chariots should have option of Cv(O) at all dates

2/ Javelinmen should be Ax(I) or Sp(I)



Proposal 1:  Chariots as Cv(O)


Author: Duncan Head, from an original suggestion by Luke Ueda-Sarson


Synopsis: Republican Indian chariots should have the Cv (O) option at all dates.



The list currently assumes big 6-man Kn (S) chariots as the default, allowing 3-man Cv (O) chariots as an option only before 400 BC. But 3-man chariots are attested in 326 BC, so as a minimum the list needs to allow Cv as an alternative throughout the period. Since the use of 6-man chariots is only a hypothesis anyway, ideally Cv (O) should be the base and Kn the option.



In Arrian 6.14, Alexander demands that the Mallians and Oxydracae provide 1,000 of their leading men either as hostages or for military service, as he sees fit. They do so, and voluntarily add 500 war-chariots: "They sent the thousand men, choosing the most important and greatest men of their people, and five hundred chariots (which had not been demanded) and men to drive them". The chariots and charioteers were presumably added to allow the nobles to fight - two nobles plus a driver per chariot - and when Alexander sent the hostages home but kept the chariots, he was doing so to prevent these newly-conquered Indian tribes from stirring up trouble in his rear by hanging on to one of their main military resources.


Therefore, the Mallians and Oxydracae, Indian republican tribes, were using three-man chariots in 326, nearly at the end of the list. As a minimum the list needs to allow Cv (O) as an alternative throughout the period. Since the published list admits that use of 6-man chariots is only a hypothesis anyway, it would give a more accurate impression if Cv (O) were the base and Kn the option.





Proposal 2: Regrade javelinmen



From: http://dbmm.org.uk/forums/index.php?topic=36.0

Hello All, 

                 I Have a proposal for troop type changes for the Classical Indian Army for possible -

 Inclusion in the forthcoming DBMM Army lists.Will also effect II/1 & II/2 armies.


Change Indian Javelinmen too - All Irr Sp(I) or All Irr Ax(I),Pre Mauryas 500 B.C to 322 B.C.

Reg Sp(I) or Reg Ax(I) Mauryas 321 B.C to 180 B.C.

0 - 1 Javelinmen per 4 Archers or on a separate line as 0 - 6 or 8 elements maximum. I think the

1 per 3 Bw elements was to facilitate the Bw(X) DB elements,not now an option for Indian armies,

but I may well be wrong.

The option for Sp(I) is to allow the use of Javelinmen as `shock troops`.

The option for Ax(I) is to allow the use of Javelinmen as Light troops.


Current opinion on the use of large two handed swords by Indian infantry would suggest this was an

exception rather than as a standard for all.As Indian archers have been regraded in DBMM to reflect

this in conjunction with a less powerful bow,I would argue that Bd(I) as the definition stands is a

rather generous one for Indian Javelinmen.As there primary weapon was the javelin or spear and as

Indian infantry were also the lowest arm of Indian armies in terms of prestige,one can only guess as

to the military training they received but I do not think they can be classed as partially trained ?

swordsmen.Massed spearmen in either a shock role or as light troops,bearing in mind that most were

unarmoured would seem to be a better classification.


Unfortunately there is little evidence on Indian infantry to support the changes,but here goes;

That which contains big stones, dry or green trees, and ant-hills is the ground for the infantry.

That which is free from thorns, not very uneven, but very expansive, is an excellent ground for the infantry.

Book X, ?Relating to War,? of the Arthas?stra of Kautilya.Possible support for Auxilia.

Always carrying the weapons to all places; and fighting--these constitute the work of the infantry,

Book X, ?Relating to War,? of the Arthas?stra of Kautilya.Possible support for Auxilia.

In their left hands they carry small shields of untanned hide, narrower than their bearers, but not much shorter. Some have javelins in place of bows. All carry a broad scimitar, its length not under three cubits; and this, when they have a hand-to-hand fight -- and Indians do not readily fight so among themselves -- they bring down with both hands in smiting, so that the stroke may be an effective one.ARRIAN.BOOK VIII.XVI.Possible support for Auxilia.

Also the Arthasastra of Kautilya mentions spears 6ft long,possibly an alternative to the shorter -

javelin or used in conjunction with them.possible support for Spears.

DBM Army lists Bk2. 2 Mountain Indian.notes.

7,000 Indian mercenaries are described by Diodorus fighting against Alexander with javelins and large but

flimsy shields and fighting in a fairly static style.possible support for Spears/Auxilia (I).

Those are my proposals,hope it generates some discussion,

Happy gaming.

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