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Saitic Egyptian

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Saitic Egyptian- Greek Ally Proposals


Author: Jim Webster


Under discussion



Only if Greek Allied General after 400BC


Flooded ditches and palisades. TF 0-18

Gateway sections 0-6


TF must form no more than two continuous lines, at least one end of each

line must be rest on a WW, Rv, Marsh, Fortified BUA or the table edge


Only from 385-383

Chabrias as Greek Allied General.

Replace up to one third Greek Mercenary Hoplites with Greek Mercenary

Peltasts Reg Ps(S)



Xenophon, History of My times, has Chabrias sail to Cyprus with 800 peltasts


Later, V.4.12 Xenophon states that Chabrias is leading a force of 'Athenian peltasts' guarding the road that goes to Eleutherae

The argument made is that these Athenian peltasts are peltasts recruited and

paid by Athens rather than Athenian citizens. Xenophon refers to

Lakedaimonian cavalry when he means cavalry commanded by the Lakedaimonians as he elsewhere states this cavalry was made up of men supplied by allies and individual men hired for service.

The Greek mercenary troops are elsewhere referred to by Diodorus 15 29 1 says the mercenaries led to Egypt included 'many Greeks' but doesn't say what type of troops they are.

Basically Chabrias took Peltasts to Cyprus, went from there to Egypt, and

when he arrives back from Egypt he is still commanding peltasts among his

mercenaries. I think that the assumption is that these peltasts were the

same troops and they were with him in Egypt.

Not conclusive but I felt good enough to give an option.

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